Telomerase Supplement Gnc

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Telomerase Suppliment GNC is not available and can only be supplied by Isagenix under the licensed name of Product B.

The long term health benefits of Telomerase suppliments have been well documented now since lab studies and clinical trials began back in 2005. The discovery of Noble prize winning scientist, Dr Bill Andrews of the effect on telemeres with telomerase has gained incredible interest from people desiring to wind back the clock on their body’s aging process.

The effect of telomerase, (Product B) has been shown to restore the length of the body’s core unit, the cell. With lengthening of telemeres comes the decrease in risk of major diseases, including cancer, heart and liver disease, dementia and other degenerative disorders.

At present there is no low cost commercial telomerase product with the TA – 65 costing ten’s of thousands, making it unaffordable for the average person. All that is about to change come August 13, 2011 when the hugely successful weight loss corporation Isagenix release Product B. Be among the first to experience the benefits of this amazing scientific break through by subscribing to receive early notification of it’s availability. With demand for this product running strong, you will not want to miss out. So subscribe by filling in the form on the top right side of this page today.