The Telomerase Enzyme

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Telomerase can it be considered?

Can it be considered a part of a metabolic pathway, I have to write about 2 metabolic diseases caused by the absence or malfunction of an enzyme and would love to include this.
The idea of indefinite cell division with out degradation of the genetic code is, well as exciting as stem cell research……. and Ill be able to inlcude this in my write up to if it is considered part of a metabolic pathway.
no cancer cells don’t degrade like normal cells because the telomeres don’t degrade, why?
because telomerase ,which is usually inactive, becomes active and this is the enzyme that adds the telomeres to the end of a genetic sequence…….. I think

So when mitosis happens at an accelorated level you get an abnormal growth or cancer

Isn’t the breakdown of telomers the main reason for the production of cancer cells?

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