Does Telomerase Cause Cancer

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Science questions on cells help please.?

1. What causes cells to stop dividing?

2. Why is telomerase important to a rapidly dividing cell such as an embryonic cell?

3. How do cancer cells escape programmed cell death?

Can’t find the answers anywhere in the Textbook.

1. Regulatory proteins such as CDK and a variety of other check points that must be reached in order for the cell to continue in the cell cycle and begin dividing.

2. The 5′ end of the DNA lagging strand (or 3′ end of DNA template) will be shortened each time the cell replicates. Thus, in order to prevent coding sequences from being deleted, the enzyme telomerase adds a bunch of noncoding guanine rich sequences (the telomere)

3. A whole variety of ways! We’re just beginning to find out all the ways, but one method is by over expressing apoptosis suppressing proteins which trick the cell into thinking it can’t die

Dr. Andrews’ Presentation at A4M Conf (Part 4)