Isagenix Cleanse Powder

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can i drink the isagenix shakes but no the cleanser stuff?

my parents went on this and lost like a lot of weight and they still have alot of the powdered chocalate shake leftover.. but none of the cleanse stuff…. so if i just drink the shakes for two meals everyday like it said on the container will it still work in loosing some pounds if i do it for like two weeks????

if so how much would i loose????

thank you 🙂

Hi there

Isagenix is nothing more than calorie restriction disguised as a Nutritional Cleansing Program.

As soon as you stop using the Isagenix products, you WILL regain the weight.

If want to loose weight, keep it off and save money, then I would strongly recommend buying a copy of “The South Beach Diet” by Dr Arthur Agatston.

This diet is simple to follow with no calorie counting and no adverse side-effects.

Using a sensible program like The South Beach Diet will also let you take control over your eating without having to depend on a bottle of product.


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