Isagenix Diet Products

isagenix diet products
Has anyone tried the isagenix diet? please read!?

hey guys so i was wondering if anyone who has tried the isagenix diet will be willing to sumbit befor and after photos of themselves, or maybe email me with a testamonial, im trying to make a site on myspace and facebook so people can check otu so if you have a myspace or a facebook that would be great to!!!

thanks please get back to me, also if anyone would like to buy the product i sell it at wholesale… thanks!!

All diets work in the same way. If they restrict calories to a point where you are burning more than you eat, you will lose weight. If the diet does this than it will work, if not you will fail. Whether or not a diet is healthy is separate from whether or not it will work. If you severely restrict calories to under 1200 per day, you will lose weight but going this route is very unhealthy so be careful when reading about these diets. Also beware of diets that limit you to one food. Even if you are taking in a good amount of calories, you won’t be able to get all the vitamins, nutrients, fat, carbohydrates or protein from just one type of food.

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