Isagenix Shake Ideas

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Working out/protein shake questions!?

K guys I bought this protein shake made by Isagenix for 52 bucks. It’s called IsaPro and contains whey protein. So I want to know am I suppose to be drinking this shake before, between, or after I work out? Am I able to drink this without even working out or would that be a bad idea? AND DOES THIS STUFF WORK WELL CUZ IT’S UNFLAVOURED AND TASTES NASTY?! It says that it helps build lean body mass and it helps you lose weight which I do not want to do so im pretty confused about that!

Second question is how long does it take to notice your body going through a big change in muscle size? I currently weigh 145 pounds, im 17 and workout for around 1.5 – 2 hours, 3 times a week with a friend who is pretty ripped and tells me how I should workout. We do a lot of stuff that concentrates on my upper body and after we workout we jog for about 20-30 mins because he says jogging takes away some acid you get from working out.

Thanks to all who answers all my questions. Much loveeee

on workout days drink the shake after workout, on off days drink it in the morning. If youre trying to build mass, dont do cardio! Youre just burning off what youre trying to put on.

In bodybuilding youve got two cycles, bulking and cutting, gotta bulk before you can cut.