Isagenix Shakes Calories

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Isagenix Program?

During the Isagenix Shake Days, I’m suppose to have a meal between 400 to 600 calories, with 5 ounces of meat, 3 cups mixed vegetables, 2 whole wheat bread, 2 tbs. peanuts of choice, and fruit is optional. The 5 ounces of salmon patty and 3 cups of vegetables are enough for me for lunch, so I was wondering if I could have the 2 whole wheat bread for snacks later in the afternoon with peanut butter and jelly? Would it still work? I just can’t go through a day without snacks, the isagenix snack recommends 4 almonds, but thats barely anything. I would rather stretch out the lunch than have a big lunch. Can anyone help me?

Yes, you can “spread out” your calories throughout the day. I do this too whenever I do the 9-day cleanse. I’d rather eat 2 smaller meals than one big one. You will be just fine and eating two small meals won’t inhibit your weight loss results. Good luck!

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