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On the Isagenix program, does order of shakes/meals matter?

I’m on the 9 day program and have a question about shake days. I don’t think it specifies in the little book, but it shows a shake, then 400-600 calorie meal, then another shake. So do I have to have my meal at lunch time? Or could I have my meal at breakfast/dinner instead?

Well, on my first 9-day cleanse I did Shake-Shake-Meal and I still lost 20 pounds. So I say it doesn’t matter, but after reading more into it, I find out the best way is:


The reason: Part of the reason the shakes are so effective is becaues they help to break-down the food you ate quicker than normal. So if you drink the shake AFTER your meal it has a better chance of breaking the food down for you. This is what I’ve read anyway.

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