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Telomere Telomerase And Cancer

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If telomere shortening could be avoided (eg, telomerase), what do you think the benefits and risks would be?

Do you think cell senescence or slow or stop the aging increased cancer mechanical, such as longer life cells encourage such developments. Do you think you that any significant changes would occur?

A variety of syndromes of accelerated aging are associated with short telomeres. These include Werner syndrome syndrome, ataxia telangiectasia, Bloom, Fanconi anemia, Nijmegen breakage syndrome and ataxia telangiectasia, a disorder. The genes that are mutated in these diseases have a role in the repair of damage to DNA, and their precise roles in maintaining telomere length is an active area of ​​research. While it is unknown extent of erosion telomeres contributes to the normal aging process, maintenance of DNA, in general, and specifically to telomeric DNA, have emerged as key players. Dr. Michael Fossel has been suggested that telomerase therapy (see link) can be used not only to fight cancer, but to really get on aging and prolonging human life significantly. He believes that human trials of telomerase therapies based on extending the life occur in the next 10 years. This chronology is important because it coincides with the retirement of baby boomers United States and Europe. When cells are approaching the Hayflick limit in cell culture, the aging time can be extended by inactivation the tumor suppressor protein – TP53 and retinoblastoma protein (pRb). Cells that have been modified so eventually undergo an event called a "crisis" when the majority of cells in culture die. Sometimes a cell will stop dividing once they reach the crisis. Normally, the telomeres are lost, and the integrity of chromosomes is reduced at each subsequent cell division. Chromosome ends are exposed interpreted as a double-strand breaks (DSB) of DNA, this damage is usually repaired by reconnecting (religation) the broken ends together. When the cell is due to telomeres shortened, the ends of chromosomes may be set. This temporarily solves the problem of lack of telomeres, but during the anaphase of cell division the chromosomes fused randomly broken causing many mutations and chromosomal abnormalities. As this process continues, the genome of the cell becomes unstable. Over time, if enough damage will occur in the chromosomes of the cell so the cell dies (for programmed cell death (apoptosis or not), or an additional mutation with activities of telomerase.

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Telomerase Therapy Aging

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Is it true that there is a chance to live more than the average age of life.?

"Supporters of the extension of human life in order to promote the idea of extending the telomeres in certain cells through the activation of telomerase temporary (drugs), or permanently by gene therapy. They say that it would extend human life. So far, these ideas were not tested in humans. "(Http: / / en.wikipedia.org / wiki / telomeres)

Yes, it is possible to live naturally between 120 and 140 years they were designed to do. This technology telomeres is more "scientific" Gook Gobbly It sounds impressive, but the cancer has already solved this problem. Cancer cells do not lose small parts of telemere ends when the cells divide and, essentially, cancer cells can live forever. We know how to extend the life of 30 to 35 years with better digestion and remethylation cells. You can do this with an activator of potassium in combination with a Betaine HCL source of life, take it after every meal. Do not worry, you do genetic engineering is likely to offset the success of technological advances and the telomeres of how our food and agriculture is now to destroy all hope of a long life. Change the basic shape of the food is grown and processed and will be much longer in line with our lives. Take the work of processing food outside the large corporations and big bags of money to improve our techniques of organic agriculture and the bottom line much better. At this point, since 45 in the world in terms of longevity. 44 countries people live longer than Americans. And the baby boom distorted figures longevity, it seems that we living longer, but the reality is what it is. Sperm count decreases each year and is now scheduled for the year 2050, have no sperm left in the race. This must be a "stimulus" and discussed together, but nobody wants to face the facts that the benefit horrible is held well above healthy food, agriculture and medical industry in America. And for us to think that our government can provide care health! Which is a joke. good luck

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