Isagenix Cleanse Instructions

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Need help with 9day Isagenix program?

I’m on my 3rd day and i just realized that I made a mistake on my cleansing days- i drank 1 bottle each day and yeah, i just read that i bottle is good for 2days( I did not realized that the shake days will be followed by another cleansing days so i assumed that the 2bottles were intended for the first two days). Should i be worried? I feel some slight pain on my right flank but it’s on and off. I admit it’s all my fault coz i did not read the instructions carefully (duh!) No stomach ache or anything except for the on and off pain on my right flank. No need to see a doctor, right? (and i don’t have any medical history, I’m 26 and slightly overweight)

Cograt’s on deciding a full body nutritional cleanse is what is best for you! I have been on it some time now and have lost 51 lbs! I have re-peated the 9 day over and over! to answer your question I would believe your OK but to confirm you should A) phone your consultant B) if they cannot provide an answer then phone Isagenix, they have an 800# where someone could answer you for sure.I would be certain to drink lots of water to help flush the toxins out of your body!
If you are not peeing every 45 mins your not drinking enough.
If you can’t find your answers that way phone the doc if it persists.If you really need more help contact me and I will have the people I know help for sure! They know so much more than me! Best of luck my goal is 210 from 392! 132 to go! It works so good for me! Plus I would get another bottle of cleanse for the end of the 9 day 2day pre cleanse 2 day cleanse then 5 days 2 shakes and a regular meal (breaky lunch or dinner) 400-600-cals then 2 day cleanse ( Remember to take the snacks 6 on the cleanse days every 2hours.) Don’t forget plenty of water!

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