Isagenix 30 Day System

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Does Isagenix work? I think I’m losing hair because of it…?

So I decided to try Isagenix 30 day system to boost my weight loss after having a baby. After the first week i started seeing good results and even started to enjoy the shakes. However, I noticed that I started losing hair – a lot!!! Now I’m trying to choose between going bold or being able to wear my old jeans again… Anybody else had any side effects? Thank you in advance.

ALL cleansing programs are potentially dangerous fads. There is NO scientific or medical basis for the health or weight loss claims.

I can’t guarantee that your hair loss is related to the Isagenix, but its certainly possible you are suffering from some form of malnutrition due to your fouling up your digestive tract.

How To Use The Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System