A Eukaryotic Cell Lacking Telomerase

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easy 10 points! : D if known. Bio questions?

13) What is the transformation of bacteria? A) the type of replication semiconservative DNA shown by B) the creation of a DNA strand from an RNA molecule C) assimilation foreign DNA into a cell D) in E cells infected with a phage DNA molecule) the creation of an RNA chain from a DNA molecule 15) In seeking to determine whether material DNA or protein was genetic, Al Hershey and Martha Chase uses which of the following? A) The DNA contains phosphorus, but the protein is not. B) The DNA contains no sulfur, while the protein does. C) DNA contains higher amounts of nitrogen that makes the protein. D) A and B are correct. E) A, B and C are correct. 27) A eukaryotic cell lacking telomerase A) undergo a decrease in the length of the chromosome. B) produce Okazaki fragments. D) have a high probability to become cancerous. E) can not replicate. thank you, but I tried a Google search, which was not much help. And I forgot my textbook at school: /

13. C) the assimilation of foreign DNA in a cell 15. D) A and B are correct. Then C is also correct, the experience of Hershey and Chase do nothing about it. 27. A) undergo a reduction in the length of the chromosome.