How Does Isagenix Shakes Taste

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you’ve taken ISAGENIX, now tell me about it.?

okay, I am ready to buy isagenix today, and I had a few questions before I purchased it.

1. where did you buy it from and how much was it?
2. how much weight did you lose and in how long?
3. how much did you weigh BEFORE and AFTER?
4. any side efffects?
5. how does it taste?
6. was it easy or were you hungry all the time?
7. and exactly how do you do it, i.e. shake twice a day and meal once?
8. and did you gain the weight back after you stopped?
9. please include any info you think I might need.

thanks a lot guys. i hope this realy helps!

I buy it form myself because I have a wholesale membership.
30 day is 249.00 wholesale and 349.00 retail
9 day is 125.00 wholesale and 164.95 retail

I lost 12 lbs in my first 9 day cleanse. I have kept it off on the maintenance program
145lb became 133lb
A bit hungry with headaches on the first day
You get used to the taste. It isn’t great at first, but now I actually love it! Especially the shakes.
It is easy because it is easy to follow the plan. When I am hungry, I drink water,water,water
Yes, 2 shakes and a meal on the “shake days” On Cleanse days you are only drinking “cleanse for life drink” and water (with a few snacks) The number of shake/cleanse days depends on the program you buy.
No, I did not gain back
There is a ton of info on the website. Especially the videos!

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