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Should I try Isagenix? What are your thoughts, personal experiences , etc?

Hey everyone, happy new year! I’m 19, in college and not eating as healthy as I should. I have that extra couple pounds in the stomach but my main concern is problem sleeping, energy, and sugar needs (literally). I have been looking into the Isagenix program and was curious as to what everyone else thought. I want to know if it will help with sugar cravings, sleep etc in the long term. I will believe in the Toxins programs so if you’re thinking about posting how they don’t work or water weight then dont bother. Please provide as much and detailed information as you can. Also for a first time cleanser should I try the 9 or 30 day program? Also I heard that if you become a distrubtor you can recieve discounts so shoudl I register for that while i’m ordering? I know that this if product works for me I can convince friends and family to try! Thanks for all your help everyone, take care!~


I have been using Isagenix for about a year. I started with a 9 day program. But, depending on your health a 30 day may be better.
The 30 is a “gentler” cleanse with all the same products as the 9 day. I recommend the 30 day because it easier to change your habits over 30 days than 9 or 10.
As for other benefits,
I sleep like a baby…no lie. I had pretty bad insomnia b4.
I have more energy, mental clarity and no more aches and pains.I actually started to exercise again! I have a 4 year old boy so the energy comes in handy. Really the weight loss is a side benefit to cleansing the toxins.
The list goes on…..

Being a distributor gets you wholesale prices so it is worth it for that alone! If you happen to sell some to people, even better because it is money in your pocket.

Hope that helps, but feel free to contact me here:

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