Human Telomerase Gene

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What say you creationists/ID folks on the fusion of human chromosome 2?

This is surely proof that we have evolved from primate ancestors. The chromosome is a product of the fusion of two normal chromosomes. This is why we have 2 less chromosomes then other primates. Markers such as telomerase and vestigial centromers, trapped in the middle of the gene, could have only come about by evolution.
Did god make a boo-boo? Even the DNA following the centromere DNA is clearly from a non-human primate like bonobos. Do creationists have any reasonable explinations for this?
Interesting answer but I must of missed that part in genesis. I’m not sure you can take the bible literally enough to not believe in evolution but then add your own parts to make evolution fit with the bible. That is a double standard that makes no sense.

On Day 6, God created the apes before he created Man.
Now, rather than make everything from scratch, God took some of the good work that He put into apes and edited it to put it into the Man.
God decided that in Man some of the genes should be linked, that weren’t linked in the ape. This is part of the reason why there’s so little genetic variation in Man today — fewer chances for independent assortment than in the ape. God probably had a good reason for protecting His handiwork this way.

Thanks for asking.

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