Human Telomerase

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can inmortality be achieved?

can telomerase couse inmortality? i was reeding something the oother day, that we humans alrady have a drug to create inmortality, but this couses cancer

I dont understand what you mean by drug of immortality, but I recognize what you mean by telemeres. Telomeres are basically genetic gogly gook on the end of DNA. These telomeres erode a little every time a cell divides. They are there as a buffer between erosion of dna replication and the actual important info on the DNA strand. After many cell divisions(indicating an aged organism) telomeres can disappear and valuable genetic information can become lost. If this valuable information is say a tumor suppressing gene the organism could get cancer. Some people think the key to living longer without dangerous mutations is to elongate telomeres.Although this may be true many other factors can cause mutations in places other than just the end of a strand of DNA, so even if the telomere problem is solved a whole host of additional problems still remain

Maintaining Chromosome Ends: Basic Science to Human Health