Isagenix 30 Days Cleanse

isagenix 30 days cleanse

I have heard nothing but good things about this body cleansing product, even from special tests and reports on ABC News and Fox News and doctors! But it is SO expensive! It’s like almost 200 for the 9-day treatment and 350 for the 30 day treatment! I cant afford that! Has anyone used this? Does it work? Is there anywhere I can find it cheaper? I have tried EBay, but its just as expensive.

Hi there,

The least expensive way to purchase is wholesale. If you purchase a wholesale membership, you can purchase anytime at the wholesale price.
A 30 day cleanse is 249.00 wholesale and 349.00 retail
A 9 day cleanse is 125.00 wholesale and 164.95 retail

It is not available in store, only from an Isagenix associate. You can enroll yourself for 49.00 (36.00 if you go on autoship: a monthly shipment which can be cancelled anytime)You can get a refund if it is your first purchase.

It is very easy to join!

I lost 12 lbs in my first 9 day cleanse. I have kept it off on the maintenance program.

I should also mention, you are spending less on groceries and eating out during this time…esp if you are a starbucks lover!!

Hope that helps…

Isagenix… The night before my 30 day cleanse