Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse Price

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PLEASE HELP! User Isagenix please give me your advice?

I have a question for all users you to Isagenix. I am currently in the program nine days of cleaning. The person who made the program with which I ended up quitting smoking. Then she gave me your Isagenix program. I was thinking of converting to clean Day 3, however, I have no essential or capsules Ionix the Supreme Court. When you look at the price of both products, I know you do not want to spend much money. Will this make a difference in the results if I can do 30 days without these two products?

Hello When you have completed your nine days, you can continue with cleansing shakes and make a day with weeks. The Ionix is ​​not necessary. Can you give the capsules accelerator is useless?

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