Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse Results

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ISAGENIX – Can I still have good results if I don’t do the pre-cleanse days?

I’ve done the 9-Day Program before & did the pre-cleanse days (“Days 1 & 2”, which I understand are optional).

This time around, I’m wondering if I even have to.

Can I still lose between 5-10lbs if I just start on “Day 3”?
Yea it’s the “Shake Days” I was referring to.
I guess I’ll drink some detox tea to flush out & start my cleanse days tomorrow & proceed from there.

The pre-cleanse days are set up to help folks “ease” into the program and to get a bit of a gage as to how their systems may react.
You should be fine. Please keep us posted on your results!

Good Luck and Happy Cleansing!

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