Isagenix Diet Ingredients

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How safe is isagenix compared to mannatech?

My question before about mannatech and isagenix was closed to new answers. I have checked out both web sites and I have NO naturopathic doctor around the closest I have is my chiropractor and he follows the blood type diet which my blood type is B+ and it says no aloe which is the main ingredient in mannatech. I have acid reflux along with other digestive problems which I’m pretty sure is from stress. All the “doctors” want to do is put me on Nexium, prevacid etc. I somewhat agree with the blood type diet but I know people of certain blood types that eat “forbidden food” and they are fine so there are so many “diets” and ways to eat that it gets confusing. I have talked with some ladies at a natural store and they’ve heard of mannatech and how good it is but every body is different how do we know what works best for us as individuals?

mannatech products are JUST TOO expensive. I guess that’s the price one pays to keep that network participants rich.

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