Isagenix Products 30 Day

isagenix products 30 day
cleansing product isagenix?

i’m thinking about using isagenix…has anyone used this product? should i do the 9 day or 30 day program? what should i expect? what does it taste like? is it convenient?? is it safe to use with other diet pills? i would just like some general info on this product, if anyone has used it. thanks in advance.

Hi there,
I have been using Isagenix for about a year and a half.
The 30 day is a gentler cleanse than the 9 day. People lose weight on both programs.
It is very simple to do, but not always easy. The cleanse days consist of a cleansing juice and some wafer snacks. The cleanse drink takes some getting used to, but the shakes are delicious made in a blender with ice.
There would be no need to be on any diet pills. Isagenix is not really a diet, but a cleanse to rid the body of toxins. The weight loss is a bonus!
There is a lot of information on the website.
Good Luck!

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