Isagenix Products

isagenix products
Does Isagenix really work and how does the program work?

I am interested in trying Isagenix but would like more info. Does it really work? how much weight do people normally use? What can you eat during the 9 day program? Any info on this cleansing product would be great. Is it worth the money? If it hasn’t worked on someone were you able to get your money back without a problem? Are the shakes good that you drink every day? Is it filling? Please help me out. Not sure if I should try it. Thanks!


I have been using it for about a year and have a wholesale membership.
A 30 day cleanse is 249.00 wholesale and 349.00 retail
A 9 day cleanse is 125.00 wholesale and 164.95 retail

It is not available in store, only from an Isagenix associate. You can enroll yourself for 49.00 (36.00 if you go on autoship: a monthly shipment which can be cancelled anytime)You can get a refund if it is your first purchase. I Really like the shakes and have one for breakfast every day. I eat a healthy lunch…lean and green!

I lost 12 lbs in my first 9 day cleanse. I have kept it off on the maintenance program.

My side effects were: A bit hungry with headaches on the first day

It is a wonderful program..hope that helps!

There is a ton of info on the website. Especially the videos!

Isagenix Products – Update May 5, 2010