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Ta 65 Cost

ta 65 cost
Car speakers are decent Panasonic?

I'm thinking of buying these from 6×9 up in my CD player in my car (not connected an amplifier of that time) … I put on / in my car on the rear panel. = $ 30 + $ 15-20 shipping (AU dollars) = http://cgi.ebay.com.au/PANASONIC-180WATT-6X9-CAR-SPEAKERS-IN-VGC-SELL-CHEAP_W0QQitemZ110325912739QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Car_Parts_Accessories?hash item110325912739 & _trksid = p3286.c0. M14 = 66% and _trkparms 3A2 | 65% 3A1 | 39% 3A1 | 240% 3A1318 value is or should look elsewhere (perhaps to a Sony Xplod little more money). TA.

speakers will be better than the factory. so sure go for it … if not look on eBay for alpine skiing, audio-rays, or infinite. speakers are very nice. (I Alpine better. But perhaps you think that Panasonic is the best. His opinion on all speakers only)

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