Telomerase Functions

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Some Bio homework Help?

1. how does DNA synthesis along the lagging strand differ from that on the leading strand?

a. nucleoties are added to the 5 end instead of the 3 end
b. ligase is the enzyme that polymerizes DNA on the lagging strand
c. an RNA primer is needed on the lagging strand but not on the leading strand.
d. Okazaki fragments which each grows 5-3 must be joined along the lagging strand
e. helicase synthesizes Okazaki fragments which are then joined by ligase

2. Which of the following enzymes or proteins is paired with an incorrect or innacurate function?
a. Helicase: unwinds and seperates parental double helix
b. telomerase: adds telomeres repetitions to end of chromosomes
c. Single strand binding protein: Holds strands of unwound DNA apart and straight
d. Nuclease: Cuts out damaged DNA strands
e. Primase: froms DNA primers to start replication

1) d

2) e

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