Isagenix Weight Loss Fat Burning

isagenix weight loss fat burning
Isagenix and Hypothyroidism? Please help!?

Does anyone with hypothyroidism have experience with the Isagenix program? I’m healthy, already, so I’d like to try the 9-day program. I lift weights three times a week and exercise strenuously almost on a daily basis (most days 60 minutes). I also have good eating habits, and I’m trying this, because with my hypothyroidism, I still have trouble losing weight. I’ve built muscle and made it a practice to eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism strong. I’ve also been drinking Oolong Tea on a daily basis, to help boost metabolism and fat burning. Anytime I’ve worked with a personal trainer in the past, they’ve emphasized eating enough calories to support metabolism, weight loss, while keeping muscle–1700 cal/day.

With the low calories and the cleanse days, does this have a negative impact on metabolism for those who have Hypothyroidism? Has anyone had this condition and had success? How about extremely physically active people? 950 calories a day doesn’t seem enough.

I do not have Hypothyroidism, but my friend does. She has been doing Isagenix cleanses for 2 years. She has had no problems and has had VERY good results.

She told me if you are worried about the 400-600 calorie lunch, just make sure you have a healthy lean and green meal that you feel satisfied after.
You may want to check with your doctor, but you should be fine.

Have you bough the 9 day yet? There is a supplemental product called Isapro, which is good for stubborn weight loss, athletes and thyroid.
you may want to add that if you have not ordered yet.

Here is more info on Isapro

Good luck!

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