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Telomerase Gene

telomerase gene
questions ….( 3)?

11. What enzyme is present in cancer cells, which scientists believe, allows cancer cells continue to grow indefinitely? Morphogenic BA Glucagon C. Oxytocin D. 12.Which of the following telomerase by itself can lead to information? AB genome chromosomes C. Codon D. 13 nucleotides. The process by which a web tour is a "sketch" of a web design before making permanent Internet called A.lock-step sequence. B.simulation. C.trial and error. D.cinch and tie. 14.To produce a specific protein, ribosomes, a set of twenty lines of tRNA, and a strand of messenger RNA work together in a process called A.translation. B.transcription.C.replication. D.reproduction. 15. Through a series of experiments with sterilized broth, Louis Pasteur disproved the idea of ​​A. Gene sequencing. B. DNA. C.spontaneous generation. D.evolution.

11.D.Telomerase 13.B.simulation 12.D.Nucleotide (guess …) generation 14.A.translation 15.C.spontaneous.

Dr. Laura Niklason on the importance of her AFAR grants for telomerase gene therapy research

Telomerase In Cancer And Aging

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Test de biologie Big s'il vous plaît aider dans une question?

Plusieurs facteurs sont responsables du contrôle du cycle cellulaire. ___1__ Sont généralement sécrétée par glandes resonsible et d'exercer un certain effet sur ​​le corps. Certaines cellules ont appelé horloge biologique __2__ à l'extrémité du chromosome et peut aider déterminer l'âge de la cellule. Perisits __3__ si les extrémités des chromosomes long séjour et la division cellulaire continue. Un autre groupe important de protéines, d'activer __4__ gènes codant pour la division cellulaire. Habituellement dans les cancers des cellules ___5___ marcher sur résultant en une fréquence plus élevée de la division cellulaire. Options: cyclines et les kinases télomérase checkpoints télomères hormones

2telomere 3telomerase 4cyclins 5checkpoint 1hormones et les kinases

Telomerase and cancer

Telomerase Role

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What role does telomerase have in DNA replication?

its non coding DNA at the edges
its like a buffer zone for when DNA begins to degrade. it keeps important DNA safe
it is reproduced by telemorase- an enzyme. a lot of research is going into this enzyme because it is believed that if we can control it and keep telomeres from depleted, we can stop aging. but it is far from testing on humans

Immortal – Roger Reddel on cellular wear and tear

Telomerase And Aging

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Biochemistry Question.?

The electron transport chain is great at producing ATPs very efficently. There is a cost. Production of Peroxides and Superoxides which are very reactive free radicals that cause damage and aging of the mitochondria. What research is/ has been conducted to combat this problem. Is anything in development that could seriously extend the lives of ever member of the human race? If something could keep ATP production optimal without minimal production of the free radicals. We’d live a long time. Oh yeah.. keep telomerase from shedding the telomeres of the DNA alpha helices.

I suppose this question is asking about antioxidant research. EGCg is a well-studied antioxidant isolated from green tea. It has been shown to reduce the expression of cancer-associated proteins in vitro. However, the concentrations of the chemical required for this effect would be hard to sustain in the human body. Additionally, antioxidants have a very short half life (they are used up fast), so any sort of antioxidant therapy would be extremely hard to actually do.

Telomerase Genes

telomerase genes
The gene for making the protein Telomerase is located on which Chromosome in human?

The gene for making the protein(enzyme actually) Telomerase is located on which Chromosome in human??
Okay, Thanks you for answering. But thats not what i am looking for. Please keep in mind that Telomerase is an enzyme, each enzyme is a protein. and each protein in the human body is made by one specific gene located on one chromosome. I am trying to find out what that chromosome is.

TERT (telomerase reverse transcriptase) and dyskerin are both protein subunits of the telomerase enzyme (from wikipedia). Here is how to find the genomic location of a gene you are interested in:

1) Go to the UCSC Genome Bioinformatics webpage. Click on Genome Browser.
2) Select Homo sapiens and type the name of the gene into the “search term” box. Press submit.
3) Find your gene in the search results. TERT is on chromosome 5. Dyskerin is on the X.

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